Our opening hours

Who's welcome at The Court? 
Everyone is welcome here! The Court is an all inclusive venue, please be respectful of everyone around you. If you need to be educated on how to be respectful please ask our staff. 
What is acceptable I.D?
Wednesday: 12noon - 12am
Thursday: 12noon - 10pm
Friday: 12noon - 2am
Saturday: 2pm (Or event start time) - 2am
Sunday: 3pm - late
The Court accepts the following forms of I.D however it must be in date and in an acceptable condition. Expired I.D and renewal forms will not be accepted.
 - Australian Drivers license 
- Passport
- Australian issued Photocard 
- Australian issued Proof of age
Everyone is required to supply I.D no matter how old you are.
How much is entry? 
Entry is $10 after 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays or $20 express queue. Entry is free at all other times unless an event is scheduled. 
Do you have VIP/Guest Lists 
We don't have any VIP lists or Guestlists. The best way to ensure entry is to come early. 
I'm transgender/non-binary, which toilet do I use?
You may use the toilet you feel most comfortable in, however, the best toilet to use is the 'EVERYONE' toilet. There is an 'EVERYONE' toilet on both floors of The Court, ask a manager to show you where these are if you can't find them. 

Dress Code

Neat and tidy dress at all times

Neat and tidy dress at all times

Here at the Court, we want everyone to express who they are. Please ensure you follow our guidelines that ensure everyone looks their best in their own way.

-Enclosed shoes or sandals with a strap at the back must be worn. Thongs are not acceptable.

- Shorts are acceptable. Torn, dirty, or sports shorts will not be accepted.

-Clean and fashionable track pants will be accepted, gym styled, or dirty track pants will not be accepted.

-Hats, masks, and accessories are acceptable however you will need to remove these when showing I.D or ordering drinks at the bar.

- Breasts and bums must be covered at all times, nipple covers are not acceptable under the current legislation (which we hate) so please wear a full bra styled garment

Can I bring my children? 
Yes, you can! Children are allowed in the venue until 8pm if no events are scheduled. A child must be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times including to the bathrooms. It is up to the managers on duty to determine if the person in charge is the guardian of a minor, please don't be offended if they ask, it's their job to do so!